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08.16.2012 , 05:15 AM | #1
Dear Bioware,

You did something to our groupfinder a couple of patches back. If my memory serves me well, it was at the same time The Minefield stopped working correctly. Since then, we have seen you fix the minefield, introduced a World Event, and also released a patch to fix said world event.

But the Group finder is still broken.

You have noted that there is a problem with it, it says so on your Known Issues page, and you know the exact time when it happened. You have also been flooded by tickets about missing Black Hole Commendations on a daily basis, up until the point of you having several days backlog resulting in unsatisfied customers.

Your Customer Service have shown an almost unprecedented range of skill in handling this issue, ranging from quick and expedient granting of the BH Comms, via a standardized reply requesting more information that might very well already be in the sent ticket, and in the other extreme shifting blame to the customer by stating that I was not able to "do the daily random HM more than once per day" as if I was a little child needing a teliing-to and not a reasonable intelligent man who have played this game daily since release.

I have now a friend who I loved to play with who have canceled his sub after being manhandled by CC, but this was really just the drop that made his cup overflow as he was really disappointed by how you destroyed WZ play with patch 1.2, but still it lessens my enjoyment as I am losing my gaming partner.

Would you be so kind to fix the Group finder for Pre-made groups, and inform all your CC agents of the known issue so that I wont get anymore "reset your UI"-answers when I dont get my BH comms and my questlog fills up with all the HM FP missions just by activating the que and get endless nags of quick travel?