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i actually have mixed reservations about this. the main concern i have is that they are NOT going free to play. its pay to play. BIG difference. games like DDO, LOTRO, DCUO, Champions, etc. those games are free to play because you dont have to pay a single cent to download the client and start playing.. yes, there are restrictions (just like with swtor), but the client is free. hence free to play.

with swtor, new players coming in will still have to pay $15 to start playing. the client is NOT free. hence PAY to play. its basically guild wars 2 lite. and IMO, GW2 does it better because you get access to ALL the content and features, nothing is left out. they do have a cash shop.. but its not much different than games like WoW. all the pvp stuff, quick travel features, etc are all accessible

imo, if swotor was going to go free to play.. actually have it free to play. my suggestion would be the following:

you can download and install the client completely free.
players have access to the story for their first character, then charge something like $4.99 for each additional slot.

if you have an existing account but are unsubbed, all characters are still on the account, but you only have access to one of them (you choose), unless you pay the $4.99 for the slot or sub.

then go from there.

but the way they are doing it just seems off.. its going to divide the raiding and pvp community into pay and non-pay groups, guilds will have to worry about if players have access to the content they want, etc. i just dont get what bioware and EA are trying to do.
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