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I have to disagree with this assesment. It is not a qualification of a subjective matter, it is quantifying cost/value. If I pay $15.00 a month per share to EA and at the same time they flood the market with free shares offering me prettier fonts and colors on my stock certificates for continueing to pay the full $15.00 a month, what is the true incentive to keep paying full price. What I'm paying for most, playing the game, is being given away for free.
Now you're just throwing out nonsense. . . apples and oranges in that example, stocks? really? maybe you should just stop playing GAMES like this and re-evaluate truly important matters, because to be honest I'm about as close to dirt poor and homeless as you can be and 15$ a month for SWTOR vs Free is a no brainer for me, I value the game enough to continue to play over the next few months to see if they do it right or not.

I have no idea what you're trying to say, but it seems awfully skewed and out of balance with "reality" which is again, related to my initial statement the value of sub vs un-sub . . free vs $15 bucks . . . do as I wish playing a game I still enjoy vs playing a game I still enjoy but only being able to do x . . . is a matter of personal interpretation and purely subjective.