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08.15.2012 , 08:14 PM | #19
This bump was inspired by my teammate 'guarding' the side turret in civil war....

If you are the only one defending a turret, for the love of god, do NOT go run into the middle of nowhere to fight someone. Your enemies can turn invisible! (it's called 'stealth') and they will ignore you completely and capture the turret, thus making them win.

Granted we should never leave you alone and always assume you are a bad until it is proven otherwise, but I digress...

Also, your points about huttball defense are definitely good ones. Waiting for a good time to stun the enemy ball carrier is important, for that explanation I would like to direct people to the sticky post about resolve. Enemy players who are in a good position for a pass must be addressed somehow, and you explained it very well BiggDirty. My goal was to convince my teammates losing (unintentionally) 1v1 duels across the map that their energy would be of better use stopping the enemy team from scoring. :P