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08.15.2012 , 07:52 PM | #1
A few days ago I did a SM KP, we used the group finder so we could get the BH comms. We cleared it but we noticed mid way through it that we didn't have the quest you get for joining up via group finder. There was no reason why we shouldn't have gotten the quest, we cleared the bosses, and we got no comms for it. We bug reported, and of the people I've kept in contact with none of us have received the comms we were supposed to have gotten, In fact we just asked to provide "more details" despite giving up pretty much every detail we could. Now it seems like we're just getting ignored.

Last time this exact thing happened to me, I sent in a report, provided some details and the CS person got me my comms within a few minutes of contacting me. They said they were able to just pull up info on my characters activity to confirm that I did in fact clear the ops and didn't get the comms I was supposed to get. This time I'm just getting completely ignored. Why is it suddenly so hard for me to get this bug taken care of?