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You are qualifying a subjective matter, sure the game may not be worth 15 bucks to you, but you are one person, they must consider the potential impact of thousands and you'll find if handled well that this move will not only strengthen the game but add much needed attention to its content, a PURE benefit to the subscribers. . . . another person commented about "thanks for destroying SWTOR" . . . when it was noted that f2p to 50 was the model, I completely disagree a free to play character that is level 50 will but substantially different than a subscriber at 50 or higher when the cap raises and f2p is stuck at 50 . . . further the number of 50's and the immersion of that one level fifty toon will be MUCH less than the options held by subs. . . .this is a positive note and thus far seems to be being handled properly, the one thing they MUST avoid if a F2P that turns into a Pay2Win. . . .good luck BioWare, resist the urges of EA to marginalize and destroy this potentially wonderful move.
I have to disagree with this assesment. It is not a qualification of a subjective matter, it is quantifying cost/value. If I pay $15.00 a month per share to EA and at the same time they flood the market with free shares offering me prettier fonts and colors on my stock certificates for continueing to pay the full $15.00 a month, what is the true incentive to keep paying full price. What I'm paying for most, playing the game, is being given away for free.

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