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08.15.2012 , 04:17 PM | #1114
Please avoid Pay to Win.

Pay to look cool. sure.
Pay for convenience, why not.
Anything quality of life, is just fine, generally i think the people who will be paying will be the ones able to afford to do so (like me), and have less time to spend playing the game. In theory it should balance out.

I dropped Stronghold kingdoms because it was heavy Pay 2 Win!. I absolutely hated that about that game. People who bought cards had a HUGE advantage and it became a running joke in our group how much money we had managed to cost the other guy to spend on his defence. Needless to say we woke up fast and ditched that game, just like we all ditched D3 for essentially making something which enticed us to line Blizzards pockets, and presented little in way of thrills.

Free to Play in this economy and in the future does not always mean bad players at all. I have had at least 6 people approach me for friend invites from Steam alone, Reason: They want to test out SWTOR before GW2 and decide where they will spend their time. (4/6 would be playing right now if the dang emails would be sent out by SWTOR)

These people are fluent in English, in their mid 20's and two are female. Not your stereotypical trouble makers at all. Even friends of mine who quit SWTOR are now looking to come back and finish their storyline. This is a perfect move for SWTOR to recapture their audience.

Of my friends who quit STWOR, the main reason was difficulty creating groups (solved) and lack of content at endgame (semi improved). Out of 7 friends, 6 of them who stopped subbing will be coming back to check out the game. That is pretty good. They liked SWTOR but could not justify spending 15 a month.

Times have changed. This was a smart move by the company and i fully support allowing players who could not afford to play this wonderful game a year ago a chance to come on in and take a look.