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Is it possible to solo a Flashpoint? I thought they required groups specifically, and so couldn't be done solo? I'm a level 19 Gunslinger and haven't done any flashpoints at all.

I'm not much of a social gamer. I tend to avoid grouping because I hate being yelled at for not playing my "role" to other people's expectations, or being specced out as they want me to be, regardless of what I want to do. I want to play for fun and am not overly competitive at all. I like the vibrancy of an MMO though, the world always seems more alive with other players around, I just don't want to have to interact with them unless I absolutely have to.
You can solo Flashpoints, as long as your companion complements your class disadvantages. Using sith warrior as a tank, I have a ranged companion to complement my lack of range. I have also a healer, that heals me while tanking on 1 vs 1 boss battles.
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