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Turns out to be pretty easy on story mode. Just tried it out of boredom, with no problems. We one shot everything and no deaths.

Anyone done this on Hard? My instincts tell me Tanks onwards would be too difficult, but this may just be me getting lazy and unimaginative given how easy healing has been since launch.
Minefields hould be rather easy, especially if you dont agro the turrets when fighting vorgath.

Tanks would depend on how good everyone else is playing... if everyone is on the ball healing is really low, if people messing things up it goes higher, but last night i died while running to a shield (wasnt playing well) at 20% and the other healer was able to mange rest of the fight even thought things were a bit chaotic and unexpected. You need a hybrid to heal in a shield though.

Kephess would really depend on your group, and strat... and may need a lil help from the hybrid at certain times. Would deferentially need the bombers stun locked.