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I can't be the only one who is confused about what exactly a "new set of gear that is a sub-tier of the larger tier that started with Campaign gear" actually means. Could we get some clarification with specific item levels? For example, most of my gear from Explosive Conflict has level 61 mods, enhancements, etc., which is Campaign level. Will the new Operation continue to drop level 61 gear that is just differently itemized? That's how I am reading this post but I could definitely be reading it wrong.

If so, I am very surprised that a new Operation would release with what seems to be sidegrades in terms of gear, given how long most guilds have been farming Explosive Conflict and in some cases even getting their alts into best in slot gear.
the way i understand it is

Tier 1 Gear
1st sub tier: Tionese
2nd sub tier: Columi
3rd sub tier: Rakata

Tier 2 Gear
1st sub tier: Campaign
2nd sub tier: coming soon
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