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According to this post from Allyson Berryman on the Dev Tracker, the new gear from Terror From Beyond, will NOT be tier 3. Instead, it will be a sub-tier of Tier 2 gear.

Quote: Originally Posted by AllysonBerryman
I talked to David Hunt (Systems Designer), and he shed some light upcoming gear. He said that (for PvE), Terror from Beyond's Hard Mode will include a new set of gear that is a sub-tier of the larger tier that started with Campaign gear. It will also have non-slot restricted armornings. Nightmare Explosive Conflict will speed up the acquisition of the new set and provides new challenges for Operation groups.
As part of a progression raiding guild, this worries me and makes me wonder when we might be seeing a new tier, new set bonuses, and new visuals (Tier 2 is quite unpleasant). Some time in December or in 2013? Joveth or Allyson, could we get a Dev response as to when we might possibly see a real Tier 3 set of gear?

I will venture a guess that this is the new sub-tier (rating 150) we will be seeing in TFB:

Please dont flame, im just a worried guild+raid leader that wants to keep his group of raiders together. Something that some of you will understand, continues to be increasingly hard when content comes at a slow pace.