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I made this account months before the game came out I anticipated it so much and this is how I see it now:

Where are the Guild Capitol Ships? Where is Arena? Why is Space Flight a mini-game instead of the model you represented when advertising pre-release? What happened to being able to kill companions? Why did you only hire competent story board writers for 1/2 the character classes? Why are races completely cosmetic when in SW Lore they ARE NOT AT ALL JUST COSMETIC. Finally, from an investors standpoint, why would you risk nearly 1 mil subs to "increase reach of the game" when you can't handle the players you currently have? How do you expect to provide updates for 1-3 million F2P when you couldn't for 1.7 mil subs. I don't see those 1-3 million F2P players spending more than $15 a month, why would they? So you are going to have to tell your investors that they will see a lower profit being turned over as you lose a HUGE amount of your paying player base. This thread is a testament to that, about 1/4 of the posts are un-sub posts. Thus the investors will demand pay out and you will be left with LESS financial backing than before. I run a corporation, I know how these processes work, you have lost what I like to call "investor faith" and now you will flounder for a year trying to make up for it. Many players will do like I have and go from playing 4-8 hours a day to playing 1-2, which is NOT going to help populations. I had extremely high hopes for this game figuring it would build upon the foundation SWG had built but instead it has gone the Warhammer route. This will be my last month paying for the game and once I have completed every classes storyline, which i can do for free, I won't be returning. I have a feeling that the game "development" is now going to go about 25% to the pvp/pve content and 75% to the Cartel Store. This is just one bad business judgement after another, stop hiring people that were involved with past MMO's that failed... PLEASE!
I wish the investors would just look at the forums, I would like to see what they would say during an investors call after seeing the forums.
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It's been real but the game just wasn't worth the sub for me anymore.
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