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In the presentation what was actually said was : New raid next month. New WZ and Space mission "SOON THERE AFTER", i.e. not next month, or at least, certainly not at the same time.

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You are trying real hard to turn this into a negative. Why?

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Hey everyone, just to be clear on what was said during the presentation - Terror from Beyond, a new Operation, is on its way next month, and we have more content updates coming after it, including the new Warzone and Space Combat Missions. We have lots of exciting new content coming!
Man, screw all those trolls, haters, and negative nancies. Always trying to turn everything into a negative, never happy with seems they've even infiltrated the CMs! As you can tell, Allison here is obviously compromised by these twisted individuals. Burn her, I say! Burn her!!!!

Seriously though. You're wrong Andryah, as usual.
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