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Quote: Originally Posted by Jayshames View Post
Too bad that's completely wrong though..

If I slap you once, you might say ouch
If I slap you again, you might say ahh
If I repeatedly slap you, you might eventually succumb to admitting you've done nothing but create a stupid post just like this one.

Same thing, different results. right?
It's pretty sad that you are trying to be intellectual and failing miserably at it. This is so simplistic. It's not reasonable to "expect" another being of its on volition to concur with your "expectation."

If a child puts his/her hand on a burning stove and burns it, it would be "insane" to expect a different result if the conditions are exactly the same as they were the first time the child put his/her hand on the stove.
If an alcoholic, every time he starts drinking, blacks out and within a few weeks makes a mess of his life, then it would be "insane" to expect something different.

Your attempt at being smart is an opportunity to see the transparency of your ignorance of Einstein's quote.
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