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08.15.2012 , 10:45 AM | #24
Never done a healer in a game before TOR, but then again TOR is my first MMO. Never figured it would fit my personality and as I leveled my sawbones it did not fit my personality nor my play style, but once I hit 50 and quit letting my guild talk me into going on HMFP that I still was not geared for, I fell in love with the role. Donít know how I would feel about other healing classes, but I have come to truly love the game play and role of a smuggler sawbones. Love doing a HMFP with a 13K tank, love doing Operations with anyone.

I have also gotten a DPS Shadow to 50, but when I need to take a few fresh 50 guild mates through dailies for the first time, on their first HMFP or SM Ops, I grab my healer. DPS is fun, but I have the healer in my blood now so even when I playing DPS, when I see those group health bars start to drop, Iím wanting to use emergency medpac or underworld medicine. I also want to use legacy dirty kick on the healer when I see them playing a sawbones wrong, but then I remember those days when I first hit 50 with mine.

Also Tanks think they are the leaders, but healers have the real power. We can decided who lives or dies. Tanks think they have that power, but drop aggro and see what happens. I hit escape and live to heal another day.