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Jedi Knight - Miralukan (I see Jedi Knights AND Consulars as perfect for the Miralukans. They have no eyes, they SEE with the force. That alone just makes them amazing imo for Jedi lore.)
Jedi Consular - Miralukan (See Above)
Smuggler - Human (Humans seem like the only race normal enough for this class.)
Trooper - Zabrak/Rattataki (Zabrak/Rattataki are all about combat, valor, and resilience. They fit trooper perfectly to me.)

Bounty Hunter - Cyborg (It just feels right. A Bounty Hunter that is cybernetically enhanced to be the perfect hunter.)
Imperial Agent - Chiss/Human (Either or for this one, they both fit into Imperial Intelligence quite nicely and I have one of each.)
Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood (Being a Sith Warrior is all about coming from a long line of nobility. Obvious.)
Sith Inquisitor - Human or Twi'lek. My mental image is usually of a female as well.
The Pariah Legacy
Egypt - Imperial Sniper - The Bastion
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