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08.15.2012 , 04:18 AM | #102
I enjoy the event

Got most of the items fixed. Have bought 2 legacy-weapons that look really really nice. A sniper rifle and a blaster rifle. Think I'm going to get a few more of those.

I'm not to worried about this event rewarding rifles, I'm just getting my hands on everything I find goodlooking. One day they will have an even that rewards lightsabers, or thechstaves. We don't get every single thing at one time. My friend got everything that could be collected from the Rakghoul-event, I was busy with work so I missed it completely. Now it's the other way around, he's swamped, might not be able to participate. I'm collecting all the pretty things I can get my hands on. Who knows what we will get in the next event.