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08.15.2012 , 03:45 AM | #101
Mostly, I like the event. The big thing that I spotted quite late is that the social gear set includes Moddable Bracer and Belts, which will be awesome for all but 2 of my characters. I have a Vanguard and a Sniper, so I'm going for the Bowcasters on those too. (The level 50 version is a little better than Tionese, but not as good as Columi -- but since the Columi weapon only drops in content that you'd be lucky to get as a fresh 50 (KP Story mode from Karagga, or from Dr Lorick in LI HM), I think it's a good early purchase).

Nar Shadda's "people per instance" seems to have been tweaked so that there's no more than 100 people per instance, so the "event" stuff seems manageable, but the boxes are still too rare given how many people are looking for them.

This is largely because of the poor design of the "Vandrayk Tuning Apparatus" mission. It should just require collecting 6 pieces, not 6 UNIQUE pieces. Fix THAT, and the frustration of opening dozens of boxes for your last piece will go away. Those pieces aren't even set with a unique item limit, which means that, if you are doing it in a group and have auto-loot turned on, you'll have taken a piece that someone else in the group needs without being able to do anything. FIX THIS MISSION and you'll have fixed at least half the problems with the whole event.

I also agree that the rewards should be Bind-on-Legacy.