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However...let me oblige you...

I love running the ONE operation per week with my guild (I wish the lockout was removed because I want to help others complete them). I love the rest, but only one is a challenge. I want MORE!
I LOVE a great PuG in warzones that whoops the opposing team, or beats a flashpoints via the group finder.
Contrary to what some think, I love the vast number of skills I need to memorize to perform at my best. Combat isn't 2 or 3 buttons, it's generally very situational and I'll hit at least 10 different specials in any given fight.
I love coming from behind to win Novare Coast when I'm down 14% to 100%.
I love the people playing this game - despite the numerous groups I've been in, there's not been one person I wouldn't group with again.
Bolster, to under 49 WZ's was brilliant! I love that a level 12 can play against a 48 and have a chance (not much, but one).
I love the settings! The worlds are absolutely beautiful in some areas.
I love the stories. I recently started an Imp Agent and the story is freaking great! I can't wait to log on my Imp.
I love the new communication we're getting from Bioware...I REALLY hope it continues.

There's a lot I enjoy about this game.
Awesome. I knew you could do it.

And no, I was not asking you to be a cheerleader, only that you balance your commentary a bit more.
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