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08.14.2012 , 08:16 PM | #1
being lvl 25, could i just pvp my way up to 50? and store up the iteams i will need to buy gear?
Has anyone heard of a 2v2-6v6 ranked/unranked system that might come out?
Is there main spots to go for world pvp for lvl 25 ect
when you get to lvl 50, how much time do you have to put in to get some good pvp gear? (IE how many wins)

I understand the game wasn't made for pvp, but i just started playing thinking the pvp would be great, but its lacking so much. looking for some hope if i stick around. I'm only in ToR for the pvp so if anyone has heard there done with it, and will only release afew more instances with the option of picking what you wanna play, then i'm out.. i need some arena type fighting.