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I'm just going to share with you that I know you say from time to time that you still enjoy the game, and I take you at your word when you say that. However, anyone reading your many many complaints and negative views about the game and the development team in the forum would never get that from your posts.

Say some good things about the game, to establish that you do indeed enjoy the game for the rest of us
I'm paying my sub fees Andryah...obviously I see some reason to do that. The logical conclusion, imo, is that I enjoy the game enough to pay my fees and remain active in the games development. I'll answer tech support questions as I can, I'll reply to people who ask questions I know the answers to, in a very positive manner even.

If you're looking for me to be a cheerleader, you're asking the wrong person. I'm honest. I don't believe that a company I'm paying money to needs me to cheerlead for them, nor be their spokesperson...Bioware has a very competent team of people who speak on the subject of what to do, what to enjoy and what to look forward to, who have access to resources (the developers) that I lack. The game speaks for itself, no matter what I say. When someone unjustly criticizes the game or an aspect of it, I'll gladly jump in and defend it.

However...let me oblige you...

I love running the ONE operation per week with my guild (I wish the lockout was removed because I want to help others complete them). I love the rest, but only one is a challenge. I want MORE!
I LOVE a great PuG in warzones that whoops the opposing team, or beats a flashpoints via the group finder.
Contrary to what some think, I love the vast number of skills I need to memorize to perform at my best. Combat isn't 2 or 3 buttons, it's generally very situational and I'll hit at least 10 different specials in any given fight.
I love coming from behind to win Novare Coast when I'm down 14% to 100%.
I love the people playing this game - despite the numerous groups I've been in, there's not been one person I wouldn't group with again.
Bolster, to under 49 WZ's was brilliant! I love that a level 12 can play against a 48 and have a chance (not much, but one).
I love the settings! The worlds are absolutely beautiful in some areas.
I love the stories. I recently started an Imp Agent and the story is freaking great! I can't wait to log on my Imp.
I love the new communication we're getting from Bioware...I REALLY hope it continues.

There's a lot I enjoy about this game...but with nearly 2 million people forking out the $60+ to buy it, only to quit, I also notice the problems that NEED to be addressed! I'm terribly sorry if I come off as angry or negative...I'm not. There's a TON to enjoy in SWTOR and "I" want to enjoy this game for YEARS to come...not a few fleeting months. I still have hope for this game...the potential is ALL would be so easy to capture players and capitalize on them that I find it mind boggling that Bioware hasn't yet. PvPers are DYING for just a glimmer of hope...toss out some random "kill 20 opposite faction players" mission with a new coin for new "stuff" and people would be content while we wait for Makeb. If the super duper secret space project is really what players hope it is, ANNOUNCE IT!!! The benefit from that would far outweigh any complaints if it were late. Allow players to repeat their class quests at 50 - it's so broken up with side quests, that the story becomes lost.

We're all here because we wanted this game to be great and I'm sure we all had our own ideas of what it would be. A few tweaks, some optimizations and this game could have easily avoided F2P. I really do enjoy the game Andryah...but the nearly 2 million that left, should have never slipped away.
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