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Were you here for 1.2?! Lemme give you some background on it...they sold update 1.2 as the update that they'd introduce ranked warzones - they had it featured in videos and everything. THAT was the big selling point in 1.2 for some subscribers.

The DAY OF 1.2's launch, they pulled it. Some people complained, but the vast majority defended Bioware for pulling it, saying "it's better to have it late than wrong". That's all we were told that day. A few days passed and people continued to defend Bioware, despite their silence. Days of silence became a week...a week became two, two weeks became a month and we still hadn't heard ONE peep as to why it was pulled or when to expect it. I'd say that at the 1 month mark, people were starting to switch from 'acceptance' to a feeling of 'neglect'. I don't think we heard ANYTHING about why they were pulled for 2 months afterwards.

Don't say that online communities aren't forgiving and understanding...the thousands of people who post here were overwhelmingly accepting of the massive delay. It's when the delays happen without any word as to why and when it could be expected that communities turn. Ignoring your customers, like Bioware did, is why people turned...NOT because they were late with ranked wz's!!!
I'm just going to share with you that I know you say from time to time that you still enjoy the game, and I take you at your word when you say that. However, anyone reading your many many complaints and negative views about the game and the development team in the forum would never get that from your posts.

Say some good things about the game, to establish that you do indeed enjoy the game for the rest of us
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