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08.14.2012 , 01:46 PM | #119
The problem with hacks in this game, is that it is so hard to tell if it is actually a hack, or a problem with the engine, or lag, or whatever.

I see a bunch of people flying around, I assume it's Predation/Transcendence. I see someone teleport, I assume it's server lag.

Flip side, I have seen things that made no sense whatsoever. I have seen Sent/Maras pop UR with full health, and stay at full health. Could be their health is just not displaying correctly.

I have been killed by a single opponent, where the defeat message says "defated by whomever with overhead slash 2128 damage" when I have like 9k health left. Could be they burned me down so fast the display couldnt even keep up, but in fully augd WH, that should never happen against a single opponent.

And the most frustrating, not being able to target/hit someone. This has happened to me like 6 times, where either you cant target someone after smashing the tab key through the keyboard, and then trying to click on them with the mouse. OR, you HAVE someone targeted but every time you go to hit them, it just does that little stutter step thing like when you have a server disco. There has been at least 3x where I couldn't interrupt a cap, because I just couldn't hit someone capping, despite having them targeted and standing right next to them. No idea what could cause that, unless server lag had me out of position, but then I "should" get an out of range message.

Hacks? Probably not. But I report them anyway, just so BW will take a look at the mechanics/logs.
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