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No mention of NiM Denova at the Gamescom EA press conference, but they said Terror From Beyond is "coming next month".
I saw that and I'm not too hopeful. It seems like its going to stick with two difficulties and if its the same number of bosses as the current operations, I can see the same thing happening again two or three months down the line. I'm also concerned that it won't be tested properly due to it releasing next month. 3 - 4 weeks hardly seems like enough time to fully test a brand new operation. There's a reason Blizzard has their raids up for so long on the PTS and I just hope Bioware don't rush it out, we really don't need another pre 1.2 Eternity Vault right now.

Its also a little sad that they didn't mention a feature that's approximately 3 months late. Their definition of "soon after 1.2" must be a lot different than what we thought.
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