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Yes, usually those who like to World PvP, will in fact make their own.

I've never seen such a facepalm remark on these boards before.


I often group up and hang outside of pub bases waiting to start something. Black Hole is a good place too... The pub bases on Ilum (You're not the only one doing your dailies). I'll often hang out at the balloon pick up on Tattooine, c*** blocking a datacron and matrix shard will normally get you some attention. Show up with a group and they almost always call for back up. Open world PvP is abundant... just have to know where to look.

Not to mention the event happening now... barely started it but I would bet there's some open world PvP to have there. I only barely started it because I got distracted and wanted to show my e-peen to the world by challenging all the pubs to duels that were picking up the quest that begins the event.