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08.14.2012 , 10:24 AM | #22
In previous MMOs, I often leaned towards a healer. I'm still toying around with the classes some, but I want to get back into healing. After watching a Commando in a Warzone I was in earlier today (I LOVE PvP IN THIS GAME! IT'S SO EXCITING! *SPAZ*) I'm thinking of trying their healing out, though I hear they're more of a "support" healer, they make other healers better. That actually sounds interesting in its own way. I'd be a support class that makes support classes better at their job, while still providing basic support myself.

When not healing, like others, I switch to DPS, where I can relax a bit more. Especially since I don't give a crap about DPS Meters or what-not. As long as I'm alive, the groups alive, and the target's dead, who gives a crap what my DPS was, right?

Or maybe a Scoundrel's healing. It's HoT based, from what I read. Grr... I'm not to sure what to play round with now!
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