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The thing is most likely you could of died, or not been there at all and if your group was bh/camp gear would of been fine 3 manning it. I have done it with people in green and blue questing gear, dps and healers and been successful, but the overall gear level of the group was far beyond tionnese.

I say it isnt to difficult, and doesnt need a nerf, but i think a group full of people just being in tionese would be extremely tough, unless you had certain classes only.
Shadow tank, Sentinel, Commando and Scoundrel have by far been the easiest group I have done LI in. You really have to have min of 2 interrupters for that mob. Running thru with my 5 different 50s, it is doable in lower gear only if you have the right classes and the right people. We currently are farming it working our members thru it to get the unlock for the speeders. But once people get the unlock it is the one place they dont wish to go back to.
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