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1. As a resource seller, someone pricing stacks 1 credit per unit lower than mine. If you are going to undercut me, undercut me!

2. People who place stacks on the GTN in stacks of 1, even worse people who put stacks of 1 that are undercutting me by 1 credit per unit. Just takes up space on the GTN and it's far more profitable in stacks of 20 or so. Putting 50 stacks of 1 with an average sale of 750 is 37,500 credits over 1-2 days. Just go out and run dallies for an hour and make more that.

3. Who are these fools that run around the GTN terminal in circles for an hour non stop? Do they have nothing better to do? Talk about annoying when you are trying to list 50 items 1-2 times a day!

Sorry, just had to get this off my chest

1. I don't see that to often actually and if it is a few stacks I don't worry about it since they will clear out quickly. I did have one person undercut me by one credit for about eight stacks. Although I only list about four stacks at a time to give other sellers a chance, I have a ton of mats to sell. So I just came back and undercut the lister by 1 credit and listed fifteen stacks. As they sold, I added new stacks to keep my listings between 10 and 15 stacks at any time. Two days later the undercutter had not sold one stack. Funny thing is, he then came back and again undrcut me by 1 credit on his eight stacks. I repeated and undercut him again. After a week of that he had not made one sale and I finally backed off. He sold his stuff and I have never seen him list again.

2. Considering the time it takes to use the spliter and do a listing, I don't get people who list a bunch of stacks cosisting of one item. I see this all over the place. Since typically no one needs one mat at a time when they buy and stacks of 8 to 10 go at a much lower unit price, it is not clear if they actually sell anything. If they are actually listing at a low unit price, it is also not clear why they do not list the items in stacks of eight or ten and get it over with in one action. I saw a lot of the "stacks of one" thing in WOW but since the auction interface allows for the creation of multiple listings in one pass, it was not surprising like it is here.

3. I haven't seen to many people running around the kiosks in circles.


My only real annoyance is the poor quality of the GTN interface and having to splitt a stack of 99 items down to 10s or 8s for each listing - no ability to chose listing stack size, stack price, and number of stacks to be listed in one pass as in WOW