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This is why this game is Fail right now.. People keep trying to make pvp smaller.. and "Elite" . Why on earth would you want to play a 4 vs 4 match.. or a 2 v 2 .. Those are duels.. This is "STAR WARS" wars are not fought between 2 people.. or 4 people. Hell 8 people isnt even enough.. Thats why warzones are fail too... There should be NO LESS than a SQUAD which by military standards is minimum 12 people, On each side. This small scale battling with the same repetative warzones.. is why this game is what is it now.. Everyone begged for Rated warzones.. now no one plays them.. and you people want to make it smaller? You want an arena grab your group of 4 and go hunting in the open world.. instead of carebearing on the fleet.. enough is enough.
The last sentence...that is what I have been preaching. No one knows what that is or how to play that way. You say open world people automatically think zerg and aoe everything. Obviously those people are wrong and probably have never played such style like that. This game would be freaking amazing if open world was active and there was zerging taking place...pvp guilds would come back to this game in a heart beat because it is Star Wars and it has open world pvp. This is the biggest carebear game I have ever played and this community is BS. These players would never make it in DAOC, EVE, Darkfall, Mortal Online. Absolutely not. So yea this man who im quoting comes here and complains about you guys...he can because he knows you guys destroy your own game. Requesting ridiculous things based around Arena pvp. You dont know what pvp is until you play sandbox pvp. All im saying.