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So I'm rerolling on The Fatman today. I had a few questions:

Is there any world pvp? It seems like Imps and Pubs have radically different level ranges for most of the planets (at least until Voss).

And whats the Imp/Pub population like? Is one side dramatically more skilled than the other (I'm leaving a server with this problem).
The population ratio is great, it's like 1:1 almost. Very slight edge to Imperials in numbers.

The problem I find with the Imperials is that there are way more active and medium to large PvE guilds then PvP.
I've yet to find a stable and active home for lots of fairly geared and active PvPers of all levels, and I've been on Fatman since day one of transfers in. Still tons and tons of unguilded people. The sense of community, overall, just sucks.

I can't speak for the Republic side.

Overall, I've been disappointed with my experience from a personal enjoyment standpoint. The PvP itself within warzones is good, that's about all I can say. The Imperial average PUG isn't nearly as bad as it used to be (which was tragically bad). I can win 3-4 straight pugging, then lose 3-4 straight all the same. I just try and assess the overall expertise of my team when I load in. If it looks too low on average, I'll quit before the match starts. I really, really, try not to quit in the middle of a warzone as I hate when people do that to me. I don't mind folks who jet 15-45 seconds before it starts.
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