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Mmmm how do you know its not working? What if you need to wait 24 hours from the time you picked up the quest to complete it? I suspect its on a timer.
becouse i have 3 quest that says i have to get back to them later , and i started on thouse yester day.
and the game buggs all the time , the travel ablity shows as ready when its not , so im pretty sure it was not tested before the released it or thouse bugs i and others run into would have been fixed , and so what if you finish it on 1 day , its your loose , not the dev team.

i can tell you this , i got in on the rakghoul event late and it was on daily quest , and i didnt complete the event becouse of it , i think they have to let people quest when they can , and not on the game dev timers. after all its the gamers that pays for their wages. wiht out player there is no gaming company , with out game company , the dev. team wouldnt have a job.