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I feel the devs did a good job balancing LI and it drops appropriate loot. I just leveled an alt to 50 on my server as sniper lethality dps and the second I dinged I did a HM LI run. I was able to do it easily while wearing green questing loot with some blues. I also got lucky and every boss dropped sniper loot. The hm fps and operations are relatively easy its all about executing and doing your job right. As long as you continue your rotation and you don't stand in stuff you should be fine. The loot is plenty good for the difficultly.
The thing is most likely you could of died, or not been there at all and if your group was bh/camp gear would of been fine 3 manning it. I have done it with people in green and blue questing gear, dps and healers and been successful, but the overall gear level of the group was far beyond tionnese.

I say it isnt to difficult, and doesnt need a nerf, but i think a group full of people just being in tionese would be extremely tough, unless you had certain classes only.