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So I'm rerolling on The Fatman today. I had a few questions:

Is there any world pvp? It seems like Imps and Pubs have radically different level ranges for most of the planets (at least until Voss).

And whats the Imp/Pub population like? Is one side dramatically more skilled than the other (I'm leaving a server with this problem).
sometimes i log in on Fatman and can't believe the amount of idiots in pvp.... so i log back into my pve server where people try to win. a little example.... huttball, people letting marauders or jugs jump to the top for the easy score..... voidstar planted the bomb and people on the other side still not giving a sh!!!!!t to protect the bomb so it got defused TWICE. when i log onto a pvp server i expect a little more common sense than a pve server. i was wrong.