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I recall something similar to this in Star Wars Galaxies. Which I think they did a good job when they implemented it.

The Battle For Reustes.

Basically they set up a PvP hub for both factions in the form of a bunker. Which was not accessible to the other faction.

Each bunker had NPC's that offered repeatable missions that sent players out into the PvP area. The missions had everything from killing NPC's/Players, killing a world boss that dropped the Jinsu Razor, space missions, farming clickables. Whenever you finished a quest you turned it in for rewards. The thing is, every quest put you in direct fire of enemy NPC's or enemy players.

I like this idea. It could turn into the new PvP Utopia.
Almost right but there was no place in SWG where the other faction couldn't follow you to kill you. The only place you were safe was inside your private house.. or Non PVP Space. Only people barred from PVP zone were Neutrals.
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