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08.14.2012 , 05:27 AM | #6
Well, playing with only ranged, or one ranged can create some trouble, since planting plasma coils will be their/his responsibility. As a tank i prefer more control over battlefield.

It is easier for me with 2 MDPS than with ranged (I tank). I run it on regular basis, often with 2 marauders or one mara and one ranged. Did it couple of times with assasin tank and me respecing dps (jugg).

If you got 2 melee, just stack them with healer behind the droid and proceed with moving around.
This way you can predict where plazma will fall, YOU position the droid, dps and heal stay stacked behind droid so you control where they are. Plasma drops on them, you always see it, no matter who was targeted (they stay together, opposite of your target, in your line of sight). tank and one dps interrupt incinerate (not bad if one dps has ranged interrupt, like sniper, sorc or assasin, he can double on incinerate in case tank is too far), second dps is assigned to interrupt plasma arc, ignore adds or just aoe them (stacking together also helps with this, if you are all in one place, adds wont run around and will be easier to pick up and aoe).
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