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Mezz/Blind to catch up with your foe and give a positional advantage over your opponent (which is uncounterable ATM), throw in 1 free DOT for example, followed by another when blind is broken, stun them, they will use Resolve because else they'll die, continue to burst them. If they run you slow them or relocate them.
Well it sound like what you are calling blind in just a normal mezz, which breaks on damage and can be dispelled by friendly healers.

In your example, the first "blind" would've been broken the moment the DOT was applied. Then, when either the second "blind" or stun was applied, the targets resove would have been full, meaning the target would've been able to use their CC breaker followed by complete immunity to any ability affected by resolve, or if the CC breaker was on cooldown, then the complete immunity to abilities affected by resolve would've started when the second blind/stun wore of or was broken or dispelled.

Also the positional advantage can be countered in many ways, some classes are better at it then others though.
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