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First, give us the exact subject we are talking of, instead of this mumbo jumbo of a non-specific "some stuff", which is utter nonsense... not to mention the entire post is one big jumble of errors and misinformation.

For instance, the 'sleep' or 'blind', or usually referred to as 'mesmerize(mez)' in SWTOR are essentially stuns that break on damage... and therefore considered not a "hard stun". You are accusing the game of being mixed up, on the grounds that the wording/name/terminology (such as 'blind') does not match your conception of a skill as you know it from some other game.. which is simply absurd.
Everything that renders you unable to do anything use to be a hard CC. This is not a 1v1 game if you get a blind in a fight you are usually dead because as soon as that blind/mezz is broken then you'll get a stun in the face.

You can argument about "if you died there then you simply was entering the fight at the wrong time" there is truth to do this also but if you have a trinket system (Resolve) and it doesn't work against some CC (breakable) then it obv doesn't fullfill the purpose it should and could just as much be removed from the game.

Often I find it better to be stunned because then I can at least break it when I want to, if I get a blind /mezz I'm unable to do anything and more then often dead 4-5 secs later when ppl zerg me. With a stun I can at least pop trinket > cloak or force camo to get away.

Dunno how I could explain it more then this.

I am ofc aware that everything is opiniated and as I said I'm nowhere close to be considered a good PvPer so the only thing I can do is try to compare ToRs mechanics which are borrowed from other MMORPGS (nothing wrong with that) to how PVP trinket works in other games with the same mechanic.

IF you have a trinket that gives u immunity to CC after youve get enough resolve then it has to affect everything that renders you "stunned" because blind/mezz in comparison to other games is in TORstuns (which is ridiculous with blind), its breakable stuns but its stil stuns nonetheless and followed by a regular stun it's just a little too good.
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