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When I talked about blind I just did a comparison (might have been irrelevant*) to WoW soft CC because the problem with ToR is that different rules applies for every instance with CC in this game. There is no fine lining, its like the game doesn't know itself if something is soft or hard CC.
IF you take WoWs blind you can still move around but have a accuracy debuff but in TOR blind is a hard CC which can be applied several times to one character.

Roots does not have to be included in Resolve IMO because roots does not prevent you to act, it just prevents you from moving which puts TORs Roots in the soft CC category.

The problem is that everything that prevents you from; activating abilities, move and attack at the same time is a hard CC but blind (which prevents you from doing anything in TOR) doesnt give resolve.

Also the last part I dont really agree with.

I don't remember the exact abilites now but there are some classes that have the same kind of disables but for some classes the disables grants 800 resolve each while for others 200 each. Where is the silver lining?

Being slowed is not an issue because that is a soft CC, you can still defend yourself. The problem currently is that blind just for exampel is so powerful because it can be applied several times to one character followed by stun, choke etc
First, give us the exact subject we are talking of, instead of this mumbo jumbo of a non-specific "some stuff", which is utter nonsense... not to mention the entire post is one big jumble of errors and misinformation.

For instance, the 'sleep' or 'blind', or usually referred to as 'mesmerize(mez)' in SWTOR are essentially stuns that break on damage... and therefore considered not a "hard stun". You are accusing the game of being mixed up, on the grounds that the wording/name/terminology (such as 'blind') does not match your conception of a skill as you know it from some other game.. which is simply absurd.

The rules are very simple and clear cut. Less than even a handful -- if any -- exceptions exist, and in 99.9% of the cases you'd meet, everything is exact and predictable. If something about Resolve confuses you, that's you -- not us.
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