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What is this 100% blind you are talking about? You also mention disarm?

Because TOR has neither.

The closest you'll get is an accuracy debuff which somewhat lowers the chance for 2 of the four types of attacks to hit, and an interrupt which when used on a casted or channeled ability prevents that particular ability from being used again for the next four seconds.

You can disagree with them (I personally do, I think that roots should be included in resolve somehow), but the rules are very clear. In fact in my opinion this is one of the great things about the resolve system, everything is very clear with easy rules, there is no grey area where things get confusing.
Things which adds to resolve are stuns, mezzes, knockbacks, and pulls. The game also has exact numbers for how much gets added to resolve based on the type of ability and the duration of that ability.
When I talked about blind I just did a comparison (might have been irrelevant*) to WoW soft CC because the problem with ToR is that different rules applies for every instance with CC in this game. There is no fine lining, its like the game doesn't know itself if something is soft or hard CC.
IF you take WoWs blind you can still move around but have a accuracy debuff but in TOR blind is a hard CC which can be applied several times to one character.

Roots does not have to be included in Resolve IMO because roots does not prevent you to act, it just prevents you from moving which puts TORs Roots in the soft CC category.

The problem is that everything that prevents you from; activating abilities, move and attack at the same time is a hard CC but blind (which prevents you from doing anything in TOR) doesnt give resolve.

Also the last part I dont really agree with.

I don't remember the exact abilites now but there are some classes that have the same kind of disables but for some classes the disables grants 800 resolve each while for others 200 each. Where is the silver lining?

Being slowed is not an issue because that is a soft CC, you can still defend yourself. The problem currently is that blind just for exampel is so powerful because it can be applied several times to one character followed by stun, choke etc

So... even though I didn't think about it when I created this post maybe what I'm tryign to say in the end is that blind needs tweaking? :P

There just have to be clarified rules between soft and hard CC but ATM there is so many "does not apply to hard CC rules but should do it" abilities in the game

- CC in TOR is like learning the German language; theres like 5 millions exceptions that only occur in SOME situations depending on something
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