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I know this have been said before a looot of times but this is such a huge issue that I think we have to just keep hassle Bioware about it until someone working there actually get a clue about what to not do in a PvP enviroment.

First though I want to say that I'm by no means a great PVP player in MMORPGs (I've played Dota for 3 years and now I play Dota 2, have been PvPing in guildwars and a little in WoW) however from watching streamers who in difference to me is good at PVP I've learned about the concept of PVP and I enjoy watching and playing in a PVP enviroment.

Like I said before I know this have been discussed countless of time before but since this mode is so broken in TOR I think we the community just have to keep on telling Bioware about this ofc I also understand if not everyone feel the way I do of PVP in TOR but this is how I feel about it:

The resolve system is a good idea... on paper. Many MMORPGS have some kind of trinket that you can get to break out of stuns and whatnot and Resolve as a concept works wonder. Get your bar full and you are immune to CC for a little while. The problem is that this game has no clear rules (it doesn't know itself) what is hard CC and what is soft CC.

I think most will agree that a stun, mezz and daze is hard CC since it leaves you out of control of your character for a while and like many other MMORPGS there are "soft" CC in TOR like blinds and disarm for instance. The problem is that this game obv as I said before don't understand the rules of PVP CC.
In most MMORPGS blind is a counter measure which lowers the chance to hit while attacking however you can still attack you just will miss a lot. In TOR this is not the case at all and this is what baffles me; in TOR blind is a hard CC, a stun but it does not affect resolve? :O

You can get blinded two times a row and do nothing follow this with stun, why not throw in some free slows like project and lightning, while not get force pushed while you're at it?
It just baffles me because they must have been playtesting PVP at some point and the problem I have is not that "there is too much CC in the game" that is ok since Resolve is a countermeasure to this, the problem I have with this is that the game just doesn't follow any rules whatsoever to what is hard and soft CC.

If you can't move your character including not being able to attack, move and use any abilities then THAT IS A HARD CC and is in the same category as a stun and MUST give resolve. Also I'd like it if resolve should at 50% lower all incoming CC with half duration (only my opinion though).

How can you even miss this in development? It's gamebreaking
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