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I looked and could not find this exact answer and since the test will cost around 100k credits I thought I would ask first. I am a 50 Gunslinger with 19,925 health and 3609 armor. I have this really cool Orange RD-03A Recon Jacket and a set of WH Field Tech Boots that I ripped the mods out of and put them in the Orange Jacket. The Mod and Enhancement went in no problem but the Armor would not go in and gave a message that it did not fit this item.

The question is, is it because the Armor came out of WH Boots and not the WH Jacket which would fit or that any Armor just won't go in Orange items.

Thanks for the answer in advance.
you can insert mods from boots only to boots. so with chest.
you need to get wh chest and insert armoring from it to orange one