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08.13.2012 , 10:58 PM | #27
Surely, OP is exaggerating. This couldn't possibly be an issue...

...oh, wait:

It's funny, though. At release, Sents/Maras couldn't stay alive for anything. They were the gimp class.

Now, it appears to be Scoundrels of the non-healing variety. Really, healers are the only viable Scoundrels in PVP. I tried out scrapper and dirty fighting builds, I pretty much had to ask my target to stand still while I slowly took out a shotgun, aimed it, and shot it (backshot). Very little survivability, very little control. Just not very fun at all. I see these supposedly "mirrored" operatives and it's all just so quick and fluid. Why the difference?

Sents and Maras definitely do need a nerf of some sort. It's not needing to be a huge nerf, but a nerf nonetheless.