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CHRONICLES PAST, 3: In which Niselle gives the Dark Council compromising information

Cross-posted from the Short Fic Weekly Challenge.

Time period: Shortly after Quinn's death, well before his ghostly reappearance

Nalenne stood before the Dark Council, regal in her full battlegear, and fully stimmed up because these a**es insisted they couldn't fit a hearing into their schedule any time after six AM on weekdays.

Darth Marr spoke. "Darth Nalenne. The Emperor's Wrath. We recognize you and seek a status report on your campaign."

"So," she said, "with the guidance of the Emperor's Hand I have been systematically sweeping the Arthan Corridor. The survivors of the affected system tremble at my name. They are Imperial in all but paperwork now.”

Before anyone could answer, the door to the Council chamber banged open. Another Sith Pureblood woman appeared, bald like Nalenne, yellow-eyed like Nalenne, slightly more Dark Side-corrupted than Nalenne. Their features were nearly identical.

Darth Nox, also known as Niselle, waved a hand languidly as she processed to her seat. "Good morning, gentlemen, sorry I'm late. I clean forgot we scheduled an early hearing. - Oh, hello, Lenny."

There was a moment of silence.

"Lenny?" said Darth Marr.

“Weird vocal tic,” said Nalenne quickly. “What she meant was ‘O great and terrifying Wrath.’”

“I’ve been calling her Lenny since we were three years old,” said Niselle.

“Shut up!”

“That’s adorable,” said Darth Vowrawn.

“It really is rather precious,” said Darth Ravage.

“Nis, I will end you!” Nalenne drew her saber and faced her sister.

Darth Marr raised a hand. “Wrath. I know you’re new to this job. You should know we have a house rule, lay off killing your fellow Dark Council members in any week we've already lost two. It helps keep turnover down, you know?”

“I’m not a fellow Dark Council member. I don’t have to listen.”

“Our house, our rules. Maybe if you and your sister hadn’t blown out the quota earlier in the week, you would be free to exact revenge now.”

“It really is a pain to replace Council members at the current rate,” Vowrawn explained gently. “We would simply run out of Sith if we didn’t all agree to keep the body count down.”

“Spilling dirt like that? Nis needs to die,” said Nalenne.

“You won’t hear me arguing,” grumbled Ravage.

“Hush, you,” said Marr. “Continue with your report...Lenny.”

Nalenne’s eyes bulged. Her fists clenched.

“House rules, rookie,” said Marr, definitely not sounding like he was grinning behind his mask. “Let’s get back to business.”
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