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Bounty hunter,Deadly cannon:he was a great warrior in the galaxy, killed the unbeatable, took all kind of contracts for any money. but, after many years of hunting, with all the glory and respect he bought himself a nice peacefull house on the planet tatooine, he protected it well and enjoyed all the money he collected in different ways. one day, he met a young padawan girl in the local cantina, surprisingly she never knew of him,he offered her a drink and she agreed.
years later, deadlycannon married the young padawan female that was called Sirena, she ran away from the Jedi order and hid in tatooine with him.they had a son that they called Braga.
braga wasn't gifted with the wisdom and physical power of his father, neither with the force of his mother. he was the farmer of his parents house.
one day, when braga was 25 years old, and deadly cannon 67. he went to sell his wopma wanga crops in the nearest bazaar. he never came back, deadlycannon told sirena to take care of the house and promised her that he'll return with their suddenly lost son.
he was searching, for hours. he even went to the republic base(which he didnt like much).
he decided to try and slice into the cams in the city, and then he found braga, his lost son. he was shocked by what he saw, 3 republic troopers took his son to the dune sea because he insulted them for stealing his crops.
they threw mines all over the area and forced braga to run through them. they were betting,laughing.
with huge anger, deadlycannon went back to his house, he told his wife about the sad news, but he told her something else,there will be revenge.
braga was the last most important thing for deadlycannon to keep, and now he has nothing to lose.
deadlycannon took his old dusted armor,both of his blasters and the old robe of his wife to pretend he's a jedi.
he knew these troopers, he saw them once in the republic base,so he took his speeder and drove right into that direction.
when he arrived,his anger grew more and more inside his chest, he managed to sneak into the command center but then he was noticed by one of the recruits, the boy shouted:"its deadlycannon! its deadlycannon!"
then the massacare began.
deadlycannon started shooting the first lines of the security troopers,threw few granades to the entrance door where more troopers were entering,he started to run straight to the room where the troopers were.
he ran so fast and so unsafe, that he step on a trap that these troopers put right in the entrance,both of his legs were blown,he was lying half-dead in the corner of the room,staring at these troopers,then he said quietly:"for honor and my son" and then he hit the button on his wrist and a huge explosion happened. this was the fall of the glorious and honorable Deadlycannon.