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General Info
Faction: Republic / The Jedi
Name: An'irel Vondoor (AHN-ee-rehl)
Species: Human
Current age: 20 Standard Years
Date of Birth: 3669 BBY (16 BTC)
Personality: An'irel is a pleasant person all around. She enjoys helping others and is not above laughing at her own mistakes or shortcomings. She prefers to see the best in a person, which has been taken advantage of from time to time. She is also loyal to those that prove they are her true allies, and will fight until death to protect what she holds dear in her heart.
Combat Experience: An has spanned the galaxy working with the Council to help infiltrate and stop the Sith and Empire. As a Jedi, she was raised to believe that violence is never the answer; however she will not hesitate to defend herself or those in her protection. She is proficient with a dual blade form of combat, utilizing her acrobatics and flexibility to maximize the effectiveness while minimizing injury and collateral damage. Her policy: try and diffuse the situation or redirect. If that fails, protect the innocent and let the sabers fly.

Physical Description
Height: : 168 cm (5'5")
Weight: 68 kg (~149 lbs)
Body type: Chello shaped
Eye color: Jade green
Hair color: dark auburn
Facial structure and Hair style: Oval shaped head with a thin nose and full lips. She has almond shaped eyes with long lashes and thin brown eyebrows. Her cosmetics of choice are slight accents on her eyelids, cheeks, and lips in a pale tangerine color. An’s hair is shoulder length and naturally wavy. She wears it tied up in a fringed bun high on the back of her head. Because of the tapered length framing her face when left alone, her bangs on the left side escape her ties and end up draped over her face.
Skin Color: a lighter beige

Combat Equipment
Main Weapons: Twin green bladed lightsabers, handmade. No name as of yet; not sure if they warrant naming yet.
Armor: While traveling and on missions, she wears a sleeveless midriff tunic of blue and white with leather arm bands and a small hood (just in case), a pair of terracotta colored leggings with built in armoring, brown leather boots with matching blue trim, leather hand covers with blue trim and buckle bindings, and a plasteel waistcord with lightsabers attached. She also has a thin silver headband, for a bit of personal flair.
Personal Starship: "Din of Redress ", a Corellian Defender-class Light Corvette

An’irel Vondoor is the twin daughter of Xaivren Vondoor and Na’ibre Syl-Vondoor. She and her brother, Ty’viren were born on Corellia about 16 years before the Treaty of Coruscant. They have one other sibling, an older sister named Lyr’inel.

An’s history begins with her mother, Na’ibre, who was once a promising healer and Knight in the Jedi Order. During the Battle of Bothawui, Na’ibre joined her fellow knights to help defend the planet from the Imperial invasion. After their initial victory she helped transport the wounded back to the Fleet aboard a volunteer’s freighter, piloted by a young rogue named Xaivren Vondoor. While in transit the two became reluctant friends, the reluctances being Na’ibre’s. She did not want to betray the Jedi Code by becoming attached to the young man, but the feelings she first thought of as friendship turned into something much deeper and powerful.

Once back on Coruscant Xaivren found ways to help the Order, claiming it his ‘civic duty’ to aid the champions of the Galactic Republic. In truth, the help he offered centered on staying close to Na’ibre, aiding her in transporting medical supplies or traveling for evacuations. Every moment they spent working together Na’ibre felt her resolve slipping and the love for this man growing. Eventually, she gave in, and the two became lovers. When they were discovered, Na’ibre was brought before the Council and her fate decided. She was given a choice: her lover or the Order. It was a hard decision, but one that the Force led her to. She chose to leave the Order and a year later Xaivren and Na’ibre were married.

After their marriage, the Vondoor settled on Corellia, opening a small trading and freight service. In addition to this, they helped those who were down and out – slaves, orphans, refugees from the war – travel safely to Republic space in order to escape whatever they were running from. When Na’ibre became pregnant, Xaivren spent more and more time at home until the birth of their first child, Lyr’inel.

Six years later the twins were born, An’irel and Ty’viren. While not identical, they were very similar in looks and behavior. Even from birth, Na’ibre knew all three of her children would grow to be powerful in the Force. This made her determination to keep them safe even stronger than that of a mother’s love.

In 9 BTC the Vondoors relocated to Taris to help with the Republic’s effort to rebuild the planet and recover it from the long term damage caused by the Sith bombardment. It was on Taris that Na’ibre began teaching her daughter Lyr’inel about the Force.

Two years later Xaivren heard about the blockade of the Hydian Way trade route. Through contact with an old smuggler friend of his, he offered to help the smugglers in their fight to end the blockade, much to Na’ibre’s distress. While the Jedi Order refused to acknowledge their marriage or that Na’ibre was in any way still associated with the Jedi themselves, Xaivren’s part in the fight against the blockade earned him Republic commendations, and a home on Coruscant. The family relocated for a third time, and it was on Coruscant that Na’ibre presented her eldest daughter for training within the Jedi Order.

Seven years later it was the twin’s turn to decide if they would take their place in the Order. Both An and Ty had grown leaps and bounds in their skill with the Force. An’irel was eager to follow in her mother and sister’s footsteps and take up her role as a padawan. Ty however didn’t much care for all the rules and strict behavior that was expected of a Jedi. He preferred to fight, but only for a just cause, and proved it regularly in school when standing up for weaker students.

The day the Temple fell, Na’ibre was to present the twins to the Council to decide their fate. While in the Temple, she had stopped to allow the children to see their older sister and check on her progress. Then the bombardment began. Na’ibre managed to get a quick holo to her husband, asking him to bring the freighter and meet them outside the Temple. She helped escort her children and other Jedi younglings and padawans to the waiting freighter, saving them from a cruel fate. She however did not meet the same luck. When a Sith warrior attacked the group as they were nearing the freighter, Na’ibre took up her lightsaber for the last time, defending to death her lover, children, and the future of the Jedi Order.

Xaivren managed to get away from the planet with his precious cargo, intercepting a transmission from other Jedi survivors for a rendezvous on Tython, the home world of the ancient Order. Once on Tython, and once he saw to the transfer of the younglings and padawans, he fell apart. He took his three children far from the Jedi camp and mourned with them for the loss of their mother and the loss of the only woman he would ever love.

Xaivren stayed for ten years; long enough to help with the construction of the new Jedi stronghold and to see that his children would be cared for in the Order. When his work was finished, Xaivren left Tython for good. He left his children behind with a simple holocron, explaining that he was going to avenge their mother the only way he knew how. They were told to love each other, care for each other, and one day they would meet again.

An’irel began her training in the Order when she was ten, after the fall of Coruscant and after the beginning of the reconstruction of the Order on Tython. While the death of her mother devastated her, she knew that it was her destiny to take up arms in her mother’s place and serve the Order. She was an outstanding pupil, surpassing most of the padawans in her class in combat and Force techniques. By the time the Order had finished establishing their stronghold, she was ready for the trials of Knighthood. She was apprenticed to Master Orgus Din, following him from one end of the galaxy to the other in persuit of the Sith lord Darth Angral. While on Tatooine, her master died, and An’s been left with the task of finishing the battle he began, seeking out the Emperor in an effort to end the war for good.

While on her travels, she found herself back on Taris, a home she barely remembered. It was there, while searching for Darth Angral, that she met a young Chiss gunslinger named Cel’asten. The two joined forces to help defend Taris from the Empire’s disruption of the Republic’s recovery efforts. It was here they discovered they made a great team and became allies. It was also here that An’irel first felt true love.

An’irel and Cel’asten have been fighting side by side ever since, working hard to battle the Empire and Sith at every turn. As her mother before her, An’irel fell in love with her companion, and he with her. She has yet to reveal her feelings to the Order. She has decided on one thing however: the will of the Force in the matter of her heart and her own feelings are the same.

[While I am posting this for the sake of having my character down on 'paper', I wouldn't mind any constructive critiques. It's been a long time since my last character profie. ]