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08.13.2012 , 08:29 PM | #10
First, BW needs to STOP trying to copy Blizzard and their crappy Warcraft game. So many companies try to do this that the entire MMO industry is in decline. Stop promoting Warcraft.

Now, I keep reading about pvp'ers saying they will be at a disadvantage if people with "raid" gear pvp. This is the reason to validate expertise. I don't believe this. There should be no gear separation. Here is how to get rid of both expertise and pve/pvp gear separation and prevent the "raiders" from having a advantage in pvp.

Take Recruit gear, make the stats equal to Columni. Columni has a set bonus while Recruit does not, like it is now. Battlemaster is then equal to Rakata, each with differant set bonuses. War Hero is equal to Black Hole/Campaign. WH and Camp have differant bonuses while BH has none, like it currently is.

Now with the stats equal you add the weapons/belts/bracers, pick one, to the set bonus. Now you can have a 2,3,4 and 6 piece bonus. Why do this? Because now you can choose which bonus(es) you think fit you best. Want the 2 piece WH with 4 piece Camp? You can go ahead and grind out the pieces. Don't like pvp? Not a problem. Rarely pve? Also not a problem. You keep the gear available through the content like it is right now. Recruit/BM/WH through pvp, Columni/Rakata/BH/Camp through pve.

By doing this you eliminate the separation. So now IF a pvp player decides to run some Ops or HM flashpoints they can without being told they are worthless due to gear. A heavy pve player wants to try his hand at pvp he can without the gear being such a hinderance. It also eliminates the forced gear grind some players have to go through in order to play all content.

BW should do this so that it can get away from what Blizzard does. Asking them to continue to copy Warcraft is wrong. Warcraft has hurt the genre due to everyone trying to copy and beat it. Something like what I laid out above would be better and differant. Expertise isn't needed and neither is a pve/pvp gear separation.