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Your initial math did not count the dps time taken away having to deal with adds. I'm not saying its impossible (I'm quite certain it is) Its just not realistic for players of average to above average skill level. My main point is, if their goal was to focus on mechanics, then enrage timers should not be the primary "fail" condition of the encounter....not executing on said mechanics should be (I.E. Incenerates, adds, lightning, fire grates)

Edit: Enrage timers should only exist for 2 reasons:

1) To prevent stacking of healers (something that is not an issue in a 4 man dungeon)
2) To provide a raw gear check in a tank and spank type fight

Any other reason is just lazy design, imo.
This is a fair point, and I was mainly just throwing numbers around because I like them.

According to the Jesse Sky info that Allison gave us, the instance was balanced "very tightly" for Tionese-quality gear. Based on my personal experience with the LR-5 fight in particular, I read that as "executed perfectly without a single flub"

It would be interesting, if my group gets a wild hair up our collective fundamental aperatures, to spend the Tionese commendations that have collected in the bank and re-gear 4 of us and see if we could beat the fight. I'll bet we wipe a bunch of times as we currently run LR-5 sloppy (being overgeared). But once we bang the sloppy out of it, I'll think we could pull it off.

That said, I believe the enrage timer isn't really the issue with this fight mainly because I don't see people complaining about "getting him to 5% every time." Most threads about LR-5 involve people wiping far earlier than the enrage.