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12.13.2011 , 12:52 PM | #1
I think best way to stabilize the econ would be to have a housing system (even if its instanced like LOTRO) that required upkeep cost on the house/guild hall like SWG had. This would suck a decent amount of money out or the econ to help prevent inflation. The problem SWG had was housing was only money sink as all the best stuff was player crafted pre-CU.

Anything we can do to keep the gold(credit) farms out of business is a plus to me. Heck we could even boycott the AH system if farms take it over ans trade guild to guild or person to person if we had too. So far I have not seen any way to farm credits playing in beta and I don;t think this game will have as big of an issue as other MMO's did due to how loot/crafting works.