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As the speeder slowed down Blaster fire could be heard. It was heavy fire, pistolo fire, Sniper fire, and rocket was all coming fast. The speeder was slowed down to make a graceful landing but was struck by an incomming missle that cause the entire transport to dive nose first into the ground. No one was hurt but everyone on board was on the floor and sonn they all piled out of the back of the transport. Kota stumbled to his feet and hopped out the back of the transport. He looked up and saw the Battle.

up ahead a short distance was a massice ridgeline cover in anything that could be used as cover. There were piles of sandbags all over from left to right. There were turrets and crashed speeders , anything the troops could take cover behid was being used. Kota saw troops carrying supply cases with ammo and heavy cannon rounds to people in need. Medics were running back and forth and sliding into cover to aid the wounded and every now and then the daring medic would crawl and drag a wounded man out to safety. Men were being sniped out of the turrets and new men were taking their place to bombard the enemy. This ridgeline was so important to hold that these men were giving everything that had to keep fighting.

Kota's train of thought was torn apart by the crippleing sound of the cannons frirng from the line of Republic walkers behind him. he instinctivly ducked his head at the deffening sound. He noticed soldiers from the transports finding an opportune moment to duck their heads and haul *** from the speeder to th front line with out getting blown apatrt. kota saw his moment and ran as fast as he could. He picked up speed and moment as he ran.

" ARK, when you see imps amrk on the HUD and keep an eye on my surriundings aI need you to stay sharp! " Kota said while grunting, his voice trailed off a litel because of his motions.

Kota reached on his back for his rifle and as he was a few meters fron a pile of sand bags he took a knee letting his momentum push him to the cover. The knee that was up bumped into the sandbags and his HUD immediatly started popping up with enemy indicaters .

What Kota could now see was a steep hill and a large valley. The valley had smaller hills and various trenches spread out and the Empire was everywhere. He could see imperial walkers and trooper transports. They had turrets and heavy cannons of their own and massive amounts of infantry. At the base of the hill was a deep long trench that the Republic had secured. It looked alot like the line of defense on the ridgeline. Down in the valley he could see Lightsabers clashing of every color as both sith and jedi di battle.

ARK kept putting up target indicaters and Kota kept knocking them down in a quick resession. Blaster bolts quickly assulted his position causing him to duck.

"**** this looks bad"
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