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Kota ahead with his rifle raised. The squad followed closely behind him. He could here fire fights in the distance but between him and the unknown group of people only the crackle of the flames around the city street could be heard.

The group ahead noticed Kota's men but did not attack instead they mirrored the Republic squad and advanced towards them. Slowly the gap between the two groups closed. Kota looked closly trying to see if the men up ahead were imperials but they were too far off. Kota took another step and his foot landed on a rock. Hias entire body shifted slightly. The break in his focus caused him to notice the glare of the sun boucing off something in the window of the building on his his left. It was a sniper scope.... and it was trained on his men.

"SNIPER !!!!!" Kota shouted just before the sound of the blaster bolt ripped through the sky.

The Squad rolled for cover as the bolt whizzed past them and hit some rubble. Now the other group of men were moving to cover and opening fire on Kota and his doubt they were imperial troops.

"Move to attack, Stay out of the line of fire on that sniper." Kota ordered

The squad adjusted accordingly and hugged the bearby debris and rubble for cover. Kota noticed that they weren't going to get far with that sniper ripping holes in their cover. Another one whizzed by Kota and a hole popped in the wall behind him.

"ARK, I need you to pinpoint the location of the next sniper bilt fired then mark it on my HUD. Look for delays in shots and mark them as reloading then keep track of the ammo count as according to an imperial sniper rifle." Kota said to his armor droid unit.

"Copy that sir marking........ done the target's rate of fire has been marked and matched with reload time. Target has 3 shots left befre reloading. Position marked on your HUD." Ark responded in his robotic droid voice.

"Good send the information to Gazen." Kota said

Gazen was the squad's sniper. he was a pretty good shot worthy to be called a sniper but Kota didn't know him well enough to trust him with dealing with the sniper by himself. He sent ARK to Gazen's HUD to show him where and when to attack the sniper.

Kota noticed as the Imperail squad opened fire that a bounty hunter joined the fight. The bounty hunter did not show any signs of aiding the the Imperials but He ad opened fire on Kota's squad. Kota watched him carefully as he returned fire
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